Bombfetish is an artist and storyteller who specializes in the intermingling of sexual fetishization and objectification with self-annihilation via explosives. Many of his works have a subtle social-justice theme to them as well; a few of his works even include males as the victims and females as the dominators.

Bombfetish retains copyright in his works but wishes to encourage copying by others to facilitate access to his work. If you wish to display his work on another site, please download the work from here and repost it to the other site; please do not link directly to the images here, as the link addresses may change. Bombfetish requests that you do not remove identifying artist markings from his work; that when there are no obvious credits, that you give credit to "Bombfetish"; and, if possible, that you link to his deviantART site at (where some of his tamer works are also published).

Please send comments or suggestions to him at .






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