They wanted to commit suicide together;

But the devil was in the details.

She wanted pain and horror within her death…
To feel a blast of agony, only to slowly have her life drip away.

He wanted suddenness:
Orgasm then oblivion.

They compromised…
He fucked her with a stick of dynamite
Then left it sticking halfway out of her cunt.

She took his cock deep down her throat
As he started to lick her clit and her lips around the dynamite.

She carefully controlled his cock's responses
Until her body felt ready for the first explosion;
Her final sexual explosion.

She sucked and licked him harder
Telling him wordlessly that she was ready to go:
He lit the dynamite but continued to lick her
Until she started to moan in ecstasy
And his cock started to jerk around
Like a machine gun ready to blast her brains away.

He fingered her clit, in a last tease;
while he sucked the dynamite, like a deadly cock
Their sexual heat made the pain of the flame inconsequential
His only concentration was to press his lips against her sex.

She exploded in orgasm
He shot his last sex down her waiting throat
And her cunt exploded in fire, terror, and agonizing pain.
Her womanhood was mangled, covered with bits of his skull and his brain
His blood drenched her body, as her lifeblood ran slowly out…
Her only hope to stop the pain was the darkness.

She waited…











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