A Job To Remember

She looked around in the teeming crowd on the street. The scent of food from differing cultures wafted through the air, tantalizing her not in the least. She was hoping for a different scent... and eventually caught it. She gazed in that direction and saw his shapely pants over his crotch; in his mid-twenties, she guessed. Perfect. Looking towards him, she caught his glance briefly, then looked away as if he meant nothing. It attracted them every time, like a moth to a flame...

He walked up behind her as she turned in his direction again. Her blouse was tight but open slightly, revealing her cleavage. He said something... the content didn't matter to her, just the meaning - and the meaning was always the same.

She "answered" him.

"Well, what I like the most with a handsome man like you is to give you a blow job you'll remember the rest of your life, and a bit of bondage if you're so inclined..." She flickered a dare gaze into his face.

"You'd give me that? We just met - I don't even know your name."

"I like men who remember me... my name is not important, just our pleasure." She took his hand and led him up six flights of stairs to a studio loft.

Within were a bed, a kitchenette, a curtain for the bathroom... and a metal doorframe in the center, with holes at intervals. He knew immediately that the holes were for various bondage poles. He was fine, in his element. She closed the door, removed her blouse and skirt - all she was wearing - and quickly stripped him down. She could feel the lust energy emanating from him... he was quite ready. Quite. She licked her lips in hunger.

"If you'll step to the door?" as she gestured to the metal doorway. He stood in it and was unsurprised to see her slide two bars through to help support him. She dropped to her knees and took his already erect cock down her throat. She needed to pace herself... this would be an hour or two at least.

He made little moans of delight as she tasted his sweat, scented his lust... rubbed her hands against his ass, as she moved her head to abandon then re-immerse his manhood (his manhood? she thought, all such little creatures who thought of manhood as just cock and balls... but it was to her advantage...)

She took the first gush down her throat, swallowing it with practiced ease. As his body threatened to go flaccid, she massaged his balls and sucked him deep again. He responded as she knew he would. Again and again, orgasm and no rest, until after seven, eight times... she didn't keep count, and he was in too much bliss at the moment to even think of it, his balls started to ache as his body protested against generating so much. He was about to ask for a rest, but she was already at it again, and he would think himself less than a man if he asked for a break now. Like I was counting on, she thought...

A few more times and she realized the moans had changed to part bliss, part pain. Now was the time to open her mouth completely and suck his cock and balls, increasing the pain with her teeth, biting his balls and cock each time they passed her jawline. Still he would remain stoic with words... perfect, her mind said..

Finally he spoke up, but only to say that he was near-collapse. She knew what he meant... but she took it differently, securing his chest and abdomen to the bars so he could not collapse. He did not protest... he hadn't been clear, and would not back down from what he had said. She took the opportunity to insert another bar at his crotch height with a piece of apparatus she would use soon... sucking balls, gross... but it was necessary...

Two more times and his orgasm was nearly cumless... before taking him in again, she opened the apparatus: two hinged plates, a knob for precise movements, flat top and bottom and spiked inside. She placed his scrotum within and turned the knob until his balls were held firmly and slightly painfully... then she took his cock again to her throat.

And again. And again.

"OK, OK, I'll sure remember this, just let me rest..." he started to scream and whimper "Let me rest! Let me go!" She looked up at his anguished face.

"Yes, I'm sure you'll remember this the rest of your life... and the walls are soundproofed up here, but scream, please scream, it whets my appetite." Her eyes had turned the color of an inky black as she looked at his face again. He started to struggle to get loose, but she had bound him well.

She turned the knob again, enough to pierce his scrotum and put the spikes right against his balls. Blood started to trickle... she licked up each salty drop as it invigorated her. She sucked his cock to cumless orgasm six more times, as his screams filled her ears with delight. She could smell fear, now... fear of pain, and even more enticing, fear of death. It was time for the last step.

She secured his head and placed a loaded, cocked pistol through one of the holes, straight at his temple. His arms secured now... she undid one hand enough for him to reach the trigger. She returned to her feasting - not of cum, for that did not feed her... but of fear, and pain, and death, the energies building each time her mouth enveloped his cock and took it down her throat. She turned the knob a bit more, and it pierced one of his balls.

She had chosen well, he could withstand much and would be a marvelous feast. He screamed in agony, realizing it was up to him to give himself release and stop this madwoman from enjoying his torture. As she took his cock in another time, his finger brushed the trigger and blew his brains out... releasing a flood of life-energy that she quickly consumed. He had not realized that his willing self-sacrifice was what she desired for a banquet. When the energetic life-force had left him... she used part of the energies she had consumed to break down the rest of his body into energies to feed upon as well. The finger that took his life, as well as the splatter of blood and brains, made energies that were particularly scrumptious.

No evidence that anyone but she had ever been there, she was sated. And she had not lied... after all. she promised him a blow job he'd remember the rest of his life. Before getting into bondage, if he had asked how long that life would be, she would have been compelled by her nature to flee... but guys in their twenties, dressed like that, almost never asked. In over six thousand years, she had only been forced to flee twice - the other times she moved were for richer feeding grounds.

She started reading e-books - a marvelous invention, she would never have to leave books behind again - and waited for hunger to come upon her again. It would be at least five months, time for the inevitable "Have you seen me" posters to be destroyed by weather.




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