Dildo dynamite
Fuck him deadly up his ass
Shoot his brains out BANG!

Graveyard Lust

Enter in the womb of Death
Lightly while you still have breath
Dig a grave deep in the dark
Climb into it for a lark
Followed by your bravest lover
Naked both the one does cover
Other lies back on graveyard dirt
Both of you with Death's lair girt
Lust within your ears does drum
Take each other till you come
Then out of grave again you climb:
Death will take you another time.

Willingly Doomed

i want my cock deep in your pussy
i want to feel my skin rub raw against you
i want to dance with you
i want my cock dancing inside you

fuck me love
fuck me love
fuck me love

explode my cock
blow my balls off
stab my navel
blast a bullet up my ass

take my cock in your mouth
take some pliers
grab what's left of my balls
suck and squeeze

give me a gun
tell me where to blast a hole in your beautiful body
point blank

have me cool the barrel by sucking it in my mouth
so it's nice and cool before i blast your body again

take two knives
stab each other wildly
bathe in our blood

take two sawed off shotguns
you cock my hammer
i cock yours

slice each other's necks
i take my shotgun in my mouth
you take yours in yours

we stare into each others eyes
vision fading while still orgasming from painpleasure

the ultimate
we each blow our own heads away

Deathsex Diamante

untamed deadly
fucking cumming torturing
wild lust desire doom
preparing igniting kissing
deadly beautiful

Doomed Lust

fuck me
fuck my cock
fuck my hard cock
cock inside
cock inside you
cock the hammer
cock the hammer back
ram the steel in my mouth
make me watch the bullet rotate
smile maniacally
hard cock deep inside you
hard hammer cocked to send hardness deep inside me
cock you
cock me fuck you fuck me fuck the gun blow the gun
cock hard inside you
cock blasting inside you
cocked hammerrelease
gun blasting inside me
blastedcock going limp inside you
cock the hammer back one last hard time
eat it
eat it
eat it
suck hard
suck hard steel
feel dead limp cock
suck hardest
feel hard cocked hammer
eat lead
eat hard bullet







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