thanaterotic taint

(a dynacubus dialogue with someone who requested anonymous posting)

thanks for the dynamite bling 
 so if you were going to use it to fucksuicide for eternity, how would we do it?
i'm thinking about this one. 
 you don't have to keep it bundled... there are six sticks.
didn't think of that thanks. :D 
 if 2 sticks are used as ass dildoes, then whoever bottoms gets it rammed in further with each lustthrust toward orgasmic destruction... I'll get that soul of yours thoroughly tainted yet.
hahahahhhh...ur doing a good job. 
 would you like slamming your body against me, my cock impaling you, as you ram my hass further around the dynamite?
lmao hmmmmmmm... is there such a thing as overtainting? 
 Yes, it's when you or I hit the detonator while we ride to hell on an orgasmic wave. so... on top and wrecking my ass with dynamite.. or on bottom and feeling the dynamite slam into your ass while I slam into you? ];>
on top sounds good. 
 mmmmMMMMmmmm... 1 in each ass, 4 sticks to go... how many between your hot tits?
 would you want to be entwined and deep-kissing at orgasm, tongues merging... or lip-kissing with a stick shared between our mouths?
lip-kissing with a stick shared between our mouths 
 one stick left for eternal fuckingexploding... your body slamming on mine for eternity, dynamite up our asses, between your breasts and sharing a death kiss as we hug and cum... where would you put the final stick of dynadoom?
in your hand. :p 
 which will be hugging up against your back, very HOT! Who blows us up, you or me?
that would have to be you 
 eyes open or shut as i hug you tight, my chest against your lovely deadly breasts, our lips sucking death, one of my hands holding dynamite, the other holding the detonation switch, as your body continues to pound on and off my cock?
shut definately 
 mmmmmmMMMmmmm... you feel the stirrings of orgasm... I hug you tighter... our eyes all closed... we climax. as i detonate us, you riding my body to hell and start over and over and over again for eternal painpleasure!




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