FADE IN to city scene, contemporary style. Few people are on the street, even though it is mid-morning. A male and female are copulating on the sidewalk while fully clothed. Passer-by neither give them particular notice nor make any special attempt to ignore them, as they are not obstructing the sidewalk. Some of the passer-by are armed with various types of firearms. ZOOM to copulating couple (EDDIE and SANDRA) who are just breaking off a kiss as we focus on them full-length.
EDDIE.Just a couple minutes - (he gasps and thrusts) - more of this, Sandra, honey. I've got to get to work.
SANDRA.(moaning when appropriate) Can't you forget about work for a couple of fucking minutes? (SANDRA tries to press her lips to EDDIE's for a kiss, but he moves his head away.)
EDDIE.Not when Frank asks me why he's paying me to spend a couple of minutes fucking. He's got things he does about (he gasps) that.
SANDRA lifts her back from the sidewalk to press her breasts against EDDIE's chest; he moves to kiss her, and pushes her back against the sidewalk. He makes a few more quick thrusts; she moans loudly, and he pulls out still dripping semen. As he stands up we see two long-barreled automatic firearms that were previously obscured by their bodies. SANDRA kneels, her skirt falling to cover her, and licks the remaining semen off of EDDIE.
EDDIE.(tucking his cock inside his pants) I'm going to let you carry one of the guns home - I wouldn't want anyone to get any ideas. Don't do anything stupid.
EDDIE hands SANDRA one gun and takes the other. She watches him as he walks down the street; then as he turns a corner, she sits down and starts masturbating herself with the gun, occasionally moving the barrel to her mouth to lick her own juices. We watch her for about 20 seconds, then CUT to:
SCENE. A large hall, something of a combination of the City Hall briefing room in N.Y.C. and the Roman presence rooms in old movies. Six women and three men are in the room; the men are FRANK, the city boss; DANNY, his second closest associate; and their BODYGUARD. The men are all dressed in 'mob'-type clothing and are heavily armed. In addition, various types of high-powered firearms are scattered throughout the room. The women are dressed in garments that cover them fully yet hide nothing. FRANK is seated behind a large desk, the BODYGUARD standing beside him; DANNY is seated in front of the desk.
FRANK.Where the fuck is that Eddie? If he don't move his ass he's going to be a subject in today's "lessons".
DANNY.He's probably screwing around someplace - that's what you can expect from a screwup like--
EDDIE enters.
FRANK.About time you got here. You keep this up and I'll have to promote Danny - and you know where that would leave you..or maybe you've forgotten. Pick one of the girls - I want you to see today's lessons - and see if you can get it up afterwards.
FRANK, DANNY, and EDDIE each pick a girl. CUT to:
SCENE. A room resembling a medical lab of some kind. There is bright fluorescent lighting and various equipment on stainless-steel trays; the equipment's nature becoming more evident as the scene progresses. There is one nude man (MARCO) and two nude women handcuffed to the walls, all out of reach of each other. MARCO is the leader of a rival gang. FRANK, DANNY, and EDDIE each enter followed by the three women selected.
FRANK.Marco, I'll give you one more chance - turn over your organization to me and I'll let you die the easy way.
MARCO.No way! You want my people - you get 'em yourself!
FRANK.Okay! You had your chance.
FRANK motions to DANNY, and he gags MARCO. The three women with FRANK do a strip-tease act; MARCO is visibly trying to prevent an erection, but does not succeed. When MARCO achieves full erection, DANNY secures an electrode to MARCO's cock, and secures another electrode to the clitoris of one of the women prisoners (ANGELA).
MARCO and ANGELA are positioned on non-conductive mats so that they touch only by their nipples, and they are tied in this position. DANNY flips a switch to make a human electric circuit out of MARCO and ANGELA, and after a few seconds ANGELA screams; we see FRANK, DANNY and EDDIE smiling and becoming rapidly erect.
DANNY cuts the power and quickly forces ANGELA's mouth around MARCO's dick. A cocked revolver is held to ANGELA's head by EDDIE and she blows MARCO; when MARCO is about to cum DANNY cuts MARCO's dick off with a butcher knife, then forces ANGELA to chew and swallow it. As ANGELA takes the last bite of MARCO's former dick, EDDIE cuts MARCO's bag open, then shoots each of MARCO's balls off. The women accompanying FRANK continue to make sexual come-ons to MARCO as he is left to bleed to death.
DANNY takes the second female prisoner (JUSTINE) and forces her to caress and kiss four bullets and his revolver. He loads his revolver with the bullets and shoots one bullet into each of her breasts from the side, then shoots one bullet into each of her ass cheeks. He then takes an automatic weapon that has had the sight removed, masturbates her with it, and when JUSTINE orgasms DANNY positions the gun so it is aimed straight up her body. He fires it, scattering her brain, blood, and guts out the top of her head.
On FRANK's orders EDDIE makes ANGELA caress and kiss one bullet, then loads his revolver with the single bullet and points the revolver right between her eyes. He cocks the gun, waits about five seconds, then pulls the trigger, and nothing happens; then waits about thirty seconds and retries. Each time the gun fails to fire we see relief on ANGELA's face, only to be replaced with mounting terror each time the gun is cocked. The fifth time the gun is cocked, we see a look of quiet resignation on ANGELA's face, and when EDDIE pulls the trigger, blowing her head apart. The other women moan in pleasure while watching ANGELA's head fly to bits.
FRANK, EDDIE, and DANNY then partner each of the women they chose earlier; DANNY gets a blow job, EDDIE fucks his woman up the ass, and FRANK rams his cock into the hot, dripping cunt of his partner.
FRANK.Eddie. Make sure you send the pictures to Martin. Make sure he knows what he'll get if he wants to fuck with us.
The three men come and then calmly pull out their revolvers. DANNY rams his revolver into his partner's mouth; EDDIE rams his up the ass of his partner; and FRANK buries his revolver in his partner's cunt so far that the barrel can barely turn. They fire simultaneously, then leave the torture room. The two surviving women, bleeding profusely, move together and start licking each others' clits. FADE OUT as each of them raises the barrel of the revolver that had been left inside them to their individual temples and their fingers start to draw back on the triggers.
FADE IN to a contemporary kitchen in a middle-income house. There are two teenagers of marriageable age (DEBBIE and CHERYL), seated at the table, topless and wearing extremely tight jeans. Their mother (ANITA) is dressed in a translucent gown which covers from the top of her breasts to just past her crotch. She is preparing dinner.
ANITA.I wish your father would stop making waves. Another threatening note arrived today. Even if he's a big man outside the city, in here he's nothing - especially in bed 'cause I won't fuck him unless he stops this shit. --Has he tried to fuck either of you two -- maybe he's (she turns threateningly towards the girls) getting some other satisfaction here..
CHERYL.I wish he would. Mom, neither of you will let anyone near us -- we're the only virgins in the city above the age of thirteen.
DEBBIE starts to caress CHERYL's breast.
ANITA.None of that talk -- we'll find someone good outside this town -- there's no money here -- you've got to plan -- (MARTIN, ANITA's husband, enters.) --Hello, 'big fighter' -- some photos arrived for you and frankly, I'd rather avoid the situation in them.
ANITA hands some photos to MARTIN.
MARTIN.Why don't you two girls go to your room -- Mom and I have to talk a little.
CHERYL and DEBBIE leave; the camera follows them to their room. As they walk away, MARTIN's voice is fading in the background.)
MARTIN.(fading away) Now, Anita my loving no-good rotten disloyal bitch of a wife, my friends from outside will help me. And furthermore..
(Every so often through the rest of the scene, MARTIN and ANITA can be heard screaming insults at each other.)
Arriving in the girls' room, CHERYL pulls out a box which is hidden in the closet and both girls strip down. CHERYL straps on a dildo and fucks DEBBIE up the ass, while simultaneously fingering DEBBIE's cunt. After about three minutes of this, CHERYL removes the dildo and sits on DEBBIE's face. DEBBIE eats CHERYL's cunt and then CHERYL pisses in DEBBIE's mouth. DEBBIE straps on the dildo and lies face up in bed; CHERYL lies face up on top of her, impaling her ass on the dildo. They fall asleep together as the shouts grow quieter. (Fade to black)
TIME:: The next evening.
FADE IN to a private office in MARTIN's house. MARTIN is seated behind a desk, and two other men -ANTHONY and MACK - are seated in easy chairs in the room.
MARTIN.I can't tell you how glad I am to see you. This city just won't knuckle under -- and I think I need some kind of demonstration.
MACK.The boss don't like to teach those who won't listen to his delegate's speeches - instead, he likes to teach others..
MARTIN.I don't quite understand..
A loud scream from ANITA is heard, coming from outside the room.
MARTIN.Excuse me a moment.
The camera follows MARTIN as he leaves the room and proceeds to the front door. Through a window a medium-sized crowd, led by DANNY, can be seen.
MARTIN.(yelling through a window) What the fuck do you assholes want?
DANNY.We know you got some outside action visitors in there. Frank would like to see them - or maybe you'd like a starring role in edition two of those pictures we sent..
MARTIN.Can't we come to some kind of an agreement here? (addressing the whole crowd) Now look, I've got two daughters who'd be lots of fun in group sex. They'll do anything you want for tonight - while we wait to settle our affairs. They're virgins and --
MAN IN CROWD. (interrupting) Who wants a virgin? They're boring! They cry and they don't come!
The crowd surges towards the house. A few raise minor firearms. MACK and ANTHONY enter with machine guns.
ANTHONY.Martin, you and your family get inside - we've got a copter coming in. Wait till we tell you to come back out.
MARTIN leaves. MACK opens the door and, with ANTHONY, starts to spray the crowd with the guns. We see DANNY go down after being sliced in half at the belly, his guts and blood spewing over the pavement. After that, those remaining alive start to retreat. A copter is heard.
ANTHONY.(shouting) Okay, Martin, get on board.
The helicopter lands and MARTIN, ANITA, CHERYL, DEBBIE, ANTHONY, and MACK board the helicopter. It flies away without incident.
SCENE:: FRANK's presence hall. A fair-sized gathering of men and women, including EDDIE, SANDRA, Frank's new third banana JOE, and his girl JENNY.
FRANK.(into a microphone) Listen up citizens - as boss of this city I declare a general holiday. Anyone who does not screw around today is a traitor and will be punished accordingly - if you don't use 'em, you may as well lose 'em and entertain me! (He switches microphone off.) And now, as boss, I get first dibs on all cunts in the room.
FRANK strips SANDRA and fucks her quick and hard, then does the same with JENNY.
FRANK.They're both great, boys -- you ought to take them someplace private where you can have them alone. (EDDIE, SANDRA, JOE, and JENNY leave.) Everybody fuck!
All people in the room not already naked strip. FRANK grabs a woman at random and she takes his cock in her mouth. A general state of orgy takes place. We stay with the orgy scene for some period of time then SUDDEN CUT to::
SCENE:: An office much like the office in Martin's home. MIKE, the "boss", is seated behind the desk; MACK and ANTHONY are standing at guard positions on either side of him. MARTIN and two other men are seated in a semicircle in front of the desk.
MIKE.Mack tells me you had some trouble convincing people in your assigned city.
MARTIN.I'm sure it's nothing that can't be handled with a small demonstra--
MIKE.I don't believe in demonstrating to people who won't listen to my emissaries. I figure, if they get a demonstration then they'll want one every time I tell them something. That can get expensive. Besides, I can't have it get out that one of my people was not convincing enough. No, this city will just have to serve as an example to other cities. Mack.
MACK.Yes, boss?
MIKE.Send the bombers out. I want that city totally obliterated. No one can escape except those I have already brought out. Anthony. Take Martin and his family to my guest house -- he obviously needs to recuperate. I know he must have worked his hardest -- otherwise he'd blame himself for losing that city for me -- and I'D blame him too.
MACK picks up a phone and mumbles into it. ANTHONY escorts MARTIN out.
CUT TO orgy scene in FRANK's presence hall. FRANK is enjoying the attention of three women when suddenly the building shakes and a piece of the ceiling falls in, killing a couple that was just in the midst of orgasm and scattering their bloody pieces all over the floor.
CUT TO a room with a mattressed floor. EDDIE is ramming his cock into SANDRA'S cunt while she arches her back in ecstasy. The room shakes and EDDIE jumps up and runs to a phone.
EDDIE.(pushing buttons on the phone) Hello? Hello? Frank? Who is this? Civil Defense? You're sure there's no chance for the city? G'bye! (turning to SANDRA) We've got to get out -- I keep a car just through here (opening a door) - Shit! The garage door collapsed!
SANDRA gives EDDIE a seductively predatory look.
SANDRA.We might as well enjoy this - got any wine?
EDDIE.No. Wine glasses, yes -- but the bar is blocked off.
SANDRA takes a long look at EDDIE's body and then at the car, a grim smile taking shape on her face.
SANDRA.Eddie, let's not die when those assholes have planned it for us -- without lust and afraid. Let's time our own death - right with our final coming.
SANDRA goes to the car and opens the trunk. In the trunk is a can of gasoline. She takes the can and pours four glasses of it, setting two down and handing one to EDDIE.)
SANDRA.My cunt wants to drink to your prick.
SANDRA pours the gasoline from the glass into her cunt.
EDDIE.My prick salutes your cunt.
EDDIE pours the gasoline over his massive cock, totally soaking it and the hairs around it. He then picks up the other two glasses and hands one to her.
EDDIE.To lust everlasting.
They touch their glasses together and then drink the gasoline. SANDRA picks up the can and takes a long drink from it, then hands the can to EDDIE who finishes it. SANDRA takes two lighters from her pocketbook and hands one to EDDIE.
SANDRA.No screams, now.
SANDRA sucks on EDDIE's prick while he eats her cunt. We see their bodies arch as we hear moans of satisfaction as they cum simultaneously and, when they are each half spent but still in the heat of orgasm, they each hold their lighters to each other's sex - by their own mouths - and light them. As they burst into flame, they drop the lighters and hold each other closely in a deadly orgasmic embrace. ZOOM to the flames, then go out of focus and focus in on::
SCENE:: FRANK'S torture room. JOE and JENNY headed here after the attack, looking for a unique way to die. JENNY is looking through the contents of a steel storage drawer.
JENNY.Joe! I've got it! How do you always feel with a good orgasm?
JOE.Like I'll explode -- and you will, too.
JENNY.How about we rig ourselves as human bombs -- and REALLY explode?! There's a bunch of dynamite here - and we can blow ourselves to bloody pieces right at the same time that we cum!
JOE.Great! - but you rig it up, my lust-crazed bomber.
JENNY.Damn right - I'm going to give you the most exciting fuck of your life!
JENNY removes several sticks of dynamite from the drawer, along with wires, detonators and two elastic fasteners. She prepares the dynamite, caressing each stick as if it were a hard cock, moaning in pleasure; then fastens six sticks of dynamite around JOE's abdomen and does the same to herself, making sure that one stick lies between her ample breasts.
JOE.I love the thought of being killed by fucking you! Jenny - please - put honey on one and stick it up my ass!
JENNY takes a primed and wired stick and hands it to JOE. He masturbates her with it to orgasm; then licks the end that had been in her cunt. JENNY takes it and shoves it up JOE's ass. He then lies down and JENNY gets on top of him. They hug and exchange a long kiss and then JENNY impales her dripping cunt on JOE'S hard and waiting cock.
JOE.Fuck me to death, Jenny!
JENNY.I want to blow our fucking brains out!
JENNY sticks a shorter piece of dynamite in JOE's mouth. It is short enough so that their lips can touch in a final kiss of death, and wired to the other explosives. As they are about to come JENNY leans closer to JOE and begins to kiss him. When they explode in full orgasm JENNY and JOE exchange one more deep kiss and JENNY clenches her fist on the detonation trigger, obliterating them in a spray of blood and flesh.
CUT TO:: A street in the city. A full-breasted woman wearing only an ankle holster (which contains a pistol) strides down the street and spots a naked man that attracts her. Without any prelude or spoken words, they fuck; but as the man is about to come, the woman pushes him away and shoots his balls off. He screams in pain and she shoots him in the stomach and leaves him there to die. She turns a corner and repeats the scene with another man; afterwards, she is clearly hungry for more. She spots an attractive man who is still clothed; she knocks his legs from under him and starts to wildly tear off his clothes. Once she has his pants off he pins her beneath her and rams his cock into her death pussy. She pushes the gun to aim at his balls while they are still fucking; he shifts his body to make it easier for her to do. In the middle of their shared orgasm she blows his balls off. He grabs a grenade from his clothing, shoves it into her mouth, pulls the pin, hugs her tightly, and kisses her, sharing the grenade. She returns the embrace fiercely for three seconds before both their heads are blown apart.
CUT TO:: Frank's office. Only FRANK, two other men, and one woman are left alive. The ceiling and roof are obliterated and there are flames in the room. FRANK is fucking the woman's cunt, while one of the other men is fucking her ass and the third is getting blown. The woman in writhing in pleasure. Just as FRANK is about to come and the two other men have finished coming, a bomb drops thru a hole in the ceiling and explodes.
CUT TO:: A street in the city. Various and few survivors are both fucking and killing each other. After about thirty seconds, the whistle of a dropping bomb is heard. There is a sudden flash of light.
To see the characteristic mushroom cloud.
CUT TO:: A patio outside the house being used by MARTIN's family. Shot of ANITA's face, with a blank look, then pan to back shot of her head and mushroom cloud in the distance.
CUT TO:: The girls' room in the guest house, where CHERYL and DEBBIE are playing a form of Russian roulette.
DEBBIE.My turn!
CHERYL takes the gun from DEBBIE, pokes it up DEBBIE's ass, and spins the barrel.
CHERYL pulls the trigger; the gun does not fire.
CHERYL.Some brilliant parents we got - they don't let boys fuck us in the old town, and in this town everybody thinks there's something wrong with us.
DEBBIE takes the gun and pokes it in CHERYL's ass.
CHERYL.The only way we'll get fucked is if we prove we've been fucked by being pregnant.
DEBBIE spins the barrel.
CHERYL.I wonder if a gun - Now!
The gun does not fire.
CHERYL.can get us pregnant?
Sound of footsteps; DEBBIE hides the gun.
ANITA.(entering the room) The old town is totally gone. We'll have to make do with what we have here. Come with me for a few minutes.
The three proceed to the porch. ANITA takes a pair of handcuffs from a box and handcuffs CHERYL and DEBBIE together around a fencepost on the porch.
ANITA.I'm not going to put up with your screw-up father anymore - I'd rather die. I hope you find someone to fuck you sometime - but I'm leaving.
ANITA takes a primed stick of dynamite from the box, lies on the far side of the porch, and masturbates with it in full view of her daughters. She moans as she approaches orgasm; when she comes, she rams the dynamite as far up her cunt as it will go and detonates herself. CHERYL and DEBBIE hug each other and collapse.
CUT TO:: MIKE's office. MIKE is seated at his desk; MARTIN is standing in front of it. MACK and ANTHONY are standing on either side of MIKE.
MIKE.Martin, you ARE a complete screw-up. I'm not going to kill you - that would be publicly admitting that I made a mistake in appointing you. Instead, I'm exiling you to a small house remote from the city - with your useless virgin daughters. Don't you ever try to come back. Mack.
MACK takes MARTIN forcibly by the arm and escorts him from the room.
CUT TO:: The kitchen in the exile house. CHERYL and DEBBIE are making dinner.
DEBBIE.So not only do we live alone now so we can't get fucked, we have to take care of Dad like Mom used to do.
CHERYL.That can't be too hard - she never took care of him like a wife really should anyway - and then tried to accuse us of filling in.
DEBBIE.Now that's a great idea - how about we drug Dad's food and fuck him?
CHERYL.Sounds good to me.
CHERYL takes a bottle from a closet and sprinkles a powder from it on the food on one plate, then picks up the plate and carries it out of the room. DEBBIE follows.
CUT TO: CHERYL and DEBBIE entering MARTIN's room. They awaken him and feed him dinner. Once he has become drowsy, DEBBIE takes the covers off him and starts sucking his dick. CHERYL kneels with her legs astride MARTIN's pelvis and her cunt above DEBBIE's head, and pisses on her. When MARTIN is about to come, DEBBIE stops sucking him and CHERYL settles her cunt on his dick and stimulates him until he comes. When he has gone limp, CHERYL starts to suck him while DEBBIE positions herself to be fucked. When MARTIN is aroused, DEBBIE fucks with him. The girls then pull the covers back over their father and leave the room. MARTIN is in a state of dazed semi-awareness.
LONG FADE TO: DEBBIE and CHERYL, both showing their pregnancies, standing outside a door in an office building and knocking. ANTHONY opens the door.
CHERYL.Mr. Anthony, we didn't let our father know, but we got knocked up before we left the old city - and it's getting lonely and boring with him. Can we live in the city?
MIKE walks up.
MIKE.Okay by me, but with one condition - to prove that you're not fuckups like your father but just plain fucks, you've got to serve for a year in my orgy harem.
CHERYL and DEBBIE both smile and lick their lips seductively.
CUT TO: MIKE's orgy hall (similar to the late FRANK's orgy hall.) There is a crowd of men and women fucking various ways. CHERYL and DEBBIE are standing there nude. MIKE walks in, nude, visibly erect, and carrying a whip. DEBBIE walks up to MIKE and takes his dick in her hand.
DEBBIE.Please, sir, I haven't had a chance to enjoy things like this before - but I've heard it's best with something pinching the tits. Could you do me the favor?
MIKE, without a word, takes two clothespins from a desk and clips them to her nipples. He makes her bend over and whips her on the ass. She moans with pleasure. CHERYL is then forced to bend over the desk; DEBBIE, the clothespins still biting into her breasts, sits on the desk, letting out a scream as her bare, raw ass first feels the weight of her body pushing her against the desk. CHERYL eats DEBBIE's cunt while MIKE whips CHERYL unmercifully.
Once DEBBIE finishing cumming and CHERYL'S ass is bright red, bleeding in places, MIKE beckons to six men who pick up CHERYL and DEBBIE (three men each) and position them so that each of the girls can enjoy three simultaneous fucks - in their cunts, their asses, and their mouths. When each man comes, he is replaced by another. When all six original men have been replaced, FADE.ENDIT.
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