Thrice-Cum Sonnet (2013)

Take coldest steel and in my ass discharge
A leaden bullet bound to loose my blood;
And ride me till I cum thee like a stud
Until again lust makes it quite enlarge.

Then hot round through my navel bare you blend
But staunch the pain with lustful joyous ride—
For on and off my cock again you slide
And encunted my staff again does spend.

Your teasing mouth awakens me again
Providing you yet another wild steed
A third cumming is all you feel you need
So 'tween my eyes you give the doom of men.

Your gun your final lover on this spree:
You suck it and you shoot: this life to flee.

New moon in the woods
Plunge of cock deep in her cunt
Knife him, drink his blood.
fucks her ass so deep
he holds pistol she sucks it
cum hug trigger BANG!

Tasty Steel

Your lover plays with deadly gun
Imagining it might be fun
He feels its hard unyielding steel
And wants to try it for a meal
Six bullets he does each now kiss
To put them where they cannot miss.

He lies down, waiting, on his back
You mount and settle towards his sack
The gun he gives into your hand
His mouth deathsteel does demand
You fill it with Death's cold steel barrel
And hold the trigger, increasing peril.

Around the gun his hot mouth clinches
His manhood grows now two whole inches
Your body gives its wildest riches
While your trigger finger itches
You come at last, but not the gun:
Another day you'll have MORE fun!

red hot madness

red lips invite me in
  red blood waiting to spill
    red skin from fucking each other
      red hearts pounding and pounding
        red hot our deadly lust for each other
hot skin merging together
  hot desire for eternal sexdeath
    hot breath gasp after gasp
      hot kisses promising orgasmic possession
        hot flames awaiting us in eternity
mad lust we claw at each other
  mad gifts of death and sex
    mad fucking we drain each other
      mad scramble for final pleasure
        mad stabbing we bleed each other
red dynamite between us our final sex toy
  hot flame burning the fuse down
    mad deathlust we cling and fuck one last time
red hot explosion of lust..
red hot explosion death swallows us..
red hot, our blood and flesh scatters..
madly we embrace hell.


fucking her from behind
grabbing her tits
pulling them roughly
driving her ass against pounding pelvis
splitting her open
pinching her nipples
squeezing her tits hard
ramming her harder
grabbing a gun
fucking her mad
ramming it in her mouth
cocking it
finger on the trigger
cock nearing explosion


her brains face-splattering
licking them up
finish cumming
eat the second bullet
ultimate explosion for two

meeting again in a land of eternal explosions
condemned to relive heads blowing apart
joined forever cock to cunt
triggering head annihilation with each orgasm
hell is heaven to us.


take me
fuck me
drain my cum
pound me
bruise me
hurt my balls
fuck some more
stab me
bleed me
drain me
drink it
swallow it
take my blood
make me die
eat my flesh
carve it off
devour me
consume me
make me part of you
wrap my bones around your body
take a bone
ram it up your cunt
my dead bone fucks you
fucks you
fucks you
until your cum explodes
set some bombs
ready to go
between my bones and your flesh
bone fucks you
fucks you
fucks you
light the fuse
fuck to eternity
ram the bone
us together
melded for a moment

10-second eternity

eternal changeless
waiting lighting hissing
cock cunt dynamite fuse
cumming exploding splattering
deathfilled destructive







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